MZConsulting Inc. has contributed to conferences and periodicals.


World Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Toronto, April 2017WNA01

Nuclear Economics and Project Structuring 2017 Edition


Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference, Vancouver, August 2014

New Nuclear Plant Development, Balancing Localization with Competitiveness


World Nuclear Fuel Cycle, San Francisco, April 2014

Learning the Right Lessons from Fukushima – A New Paradigm for a Brighter Future


WNA China Symposium, Beijing, November 2012

Re-building public support for nuclear power in a post Fukushima world


The Canadian Institute’s 3rd Annual Nuclear Energy Symposium, Toronto, May 2012

Nuclear Power Competitiveness in a Post Fukushima World


Insight Nuclear Energy Forum, Toronto, March 2012

Exploring the Impact of Fukushima on the Nuclear Industry


WNA China Symposium, Hong Kong, October 2011

The Ongoing Evolution of Nuclear Power Economics


World Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Chicago, April 6, 2011

The Future of the Uranium Market – Feeding Asia’s Rapidly Growing NeedNew


Civic Exchange Energy Forum 14 – Expanding Hong Kong’s Nuclear Energy Base, Hong Kong, October 2010

Nuclear Energy – Clean Energy for Today and Tomorrow


World Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Sydney, Australia, April 2009

Advancing the Business Case for Managing Commercial Used Fuel from a North American Perspective


Research Capital Uranium Conference, Toronto, April 7, 2009

The Future Uranium Market – China’s Dramatic Growth


China Mining 2008, Beijing, November 12-14, 2008

Investing in Today’s Uranium Market, Challenges and Opportunities


Global Utility Summit, Los Angeles, Nov 17, 2008

Issues Affecting the Electricity T&D System in North America


McCloskey’s Nuclear Business, Issue 13, October 2008

Driving the Nuclear Renaissance – Nuclear Power in Canada


WNA Annual Symposium, London, September 2008

Structuring Nuclear Projects for Success – An Analytic Framework


NBSO Energy Conference, Saint John, NB, May 15/16 2008

New Nuclear Opportunities at Point Lepreau


World Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference, Miami FL, April 2008

Canada’s Nuclear Future – So What’s Going on up There Anyway eh?


Raymond James Uranium Conference, New York, May 8, 2007

Understanding our Nuclear Future—Global Growth in Nuclear Power


15th Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference 2006, Sydney, October 2006

Canada – Committed to a Nuclear Future


Nuclear Engineering International – Feature Article, July 28, 2006

Ontario’s Nuclear Future


Platt’s Nuclear Energy – Opportunities for Growth & Investment in Europe, Paris May 2006

New Build Nuclear: Who Takes Completion Risk?


World Nuclear Association Annual Seminar, London, September 2005

Powering Canada’s Economic Heartland – Is There Life after Coal?


World Energy Review, December 2005

The Changing Face of Electricity in Ontario